Report a Violation

Sexual Assault or Misconduct

To learn more about your options for reporting sexual assault, dating violence, or other sexual misconduct, please visit our FAQ page. Briefly, your options include the following:

  • If you are in immediate danger, call 911.
  • To obtain confidential assistance, call the MSU Safe Line at (662) 325-3333 or contact the university’s Sexual Assault Advocate in Student Counseling Services, at (662) 325-2091.
  • To report formally to the university, please call the Office of Compliance and Integrity at (662) 325-5839 or email at

Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, or Retaliation

You may contact either (1) the Office of Compliance and Integrity at (662) 325-5839, or via email at; or (2) Human Resources Management at (662) 325-3713.

Other Compliance Issues

If you believe there has been an ethical or policy violation at MSU, you can always contact the Office of Compliance and Integrity directly at (662) 325-5839.

MSU Ethics Line

To anonymously report an action that you believe is unethical or violates MSU policies, please visit the MSU Ethics Line. All reports to the Ethics Line are taken very seriously. However, in some cases, anonymous reporting may limit the university’s ability to respond and/or provide you with assistance. Thus, please consider other methods of reporting if you feel secure in doing so.