Americans with Disabilities Act

Mississippi State University prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities in employment and all other university programs, services, opportunities and activities. Specifically, the university’s policy is to comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

To that end, all qualified students with a disability, as defined by law, are eligible for reasonable accommodations or modifications that enable them to enjoy equal access to the University’s programs and services unless such accommodation or modification would result in an undue burden to the University or fundamentally alter the nature of a program.

To learn more about requesting an accommodation, please review the options below. If you believe you’ve experienced discrimination, harassment or retaliation on the basis of a disability, contact Brett Harvey, the Director of Title IX/EEO Programs. He can be reached at (662) 325-8124 or at

Accommodations and Accessibility

Students: Disability Resource Center (DRC) assists in determining the classroom, housing, and program accommodations that are most appropriate for students with disabilities. To learn more about disability accommodations for students and the procedures for requesting them, visit the Disability Resource Center website. Students who wish to request an accommodation or modification should contact DRC at (662) 325-3335 to schedule a conversation. Directions for submitting a request can be found on the Disability Resource Center website.

  • Instructors receiving requests for student accommodations:  Please remember that the Disability Resource Center is responsible for making initial determinations on the reasonableness of requested accommodations.  If you feel that an accommodation is not compatible with an essential educational function of the course or activity, you may not unilaterally decide to alter or ignore it.  Instead, please contact DRC so that the proposed accommodation can be reviewed according to MSU Operating Policy 91.122.

Faculty and Staff: University employees or applicants who wish to request an accommodation should contact the Department of Human Resources Management at (662) 325-3713. This normally involves completing a Disability Accommodation Request Form, available here, and submitting the form to Human Resources Management, which is located at 150 McArthur Hall.

General Accessibility Issues: To report problems accessing university facilities, contact the Office of Compliance and Integrity at (662) 325-5839. If you are visiting campus, please contact the department or organization sponsoring the visit or event. Visitors can also contact the Office of Compliance and Integrity for assistance and referral.

Web Content Accessibility

Mississippi State is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its websites and other online resources to persons with disabilities.  To that end, the university requires online resources to meet the accessibility standards described in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 at the AA level. MSU's web accessibility policy can be found here

If you encounter a site or other online resource that is not fully accessible, contact the Office of Compliance and Integrity at (662) 325-5839 or via email at, staff and students who wish to learn more about ensuring accessibility for sites they manage should visit MSU Information Technology Services' Web Accessibility Site

Accessible Parking

If you have an MSU-issued parking permit and a state-issued disability parking placard or plate, you may use the ADA-accessible parking spaces in the following zones:

  • Commuter permits:  Any commuter or open/non-zoned space
  • Residence permits:  Any residence or open/non-zoned space
  • Staff permits:  Any staff, commuter, or open/non-zoned space

Before parking in ADA-accessible spaces, your state-issued placard or plate must be registered with MSU Parking and Transit Services in the Roberts Building at 412 East Lee Boulevard. In the event a disability-related accommodation is needed to obtain access to another zone, please contact the Director of Parking and Transit Services at 662-325-1827 or by email at Requests for parking accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis, with consideration given to the nature of an individual’s impairment and the availability of suitable parking spaces. Please note that the zone listings above apply to non-gameday parking only. Parking for athletic events must be in the zone listed on the parking pass. 

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